Saturday, January 7, 2012

These boots are made for slogging

The weather is so springlike (high of 50's today) that I can't help but think of my garden. Well that and all the impending mud from the Spring rain. I do own several pair of garden clogs but they just don't stand up to the quick-mud sucking swamp land in which I have been mired. So thick and deep it sucks the shoes off you feet. While some people may like the spa like treatment of mud baths, not this girl. There is nothing remotely soothing about cold, wet, stinky mud squishing between your toes. Especially when you are hobbling one shoe on and one stuck in the La Brea-like tar-mud pit of my back yard. That and when you have to make a mad dash the 250+ feet from garden to house. Good times.

A little retail therapy ensued to ease the the painful memory of  THE SLIMP (Shoe Lost in Mud Pit) Incident. After some fierce online comparison shopping,  Overstock was the lucky recipient of my magic plastic!

Journee Collection Women's Rain Boots

Original price is $29.99
Club O price $26.99
Minus Club O rewards $4.43
Free Shipping=$22.56
Woo-hoo! The colorful suckers beat the heck outta the plain $15 boots I found at the local Wallymegamart

I know what you are thinking. Those boots sure are...vibrant. How can those not cheer you up on a dreary day? I love roses. I can't kill these. Unlike real roses, I don't have to worry about bees chasing me. And when I get sucked into the mud pit these boots are bright enough they will act as my emergency location device.

In the words of Nancy Sinatra these boots are made for walking slogging. (Ok I took a little creative license)  We should all be so groovy in our boots....


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