Monday, January 23, 2012

My dirty little secret...

We all have them.  Some are shameful. Some really aren't dirty. Some it turns out you can laugh about later on..much later...

Phew goes..We not only have unfinished projects,  we are known as leaners, pilers and stackers. Yes, my friends, it is true. The far reaches of my house (those hidden from camera range) are a hot mess.

See this? THIS is the moldings and trim work the hubbs STILL needs to install in my bathroom. You know TWLBRIH (The Longest Bathroom Remodel in History) that I already blogged about in April 2011. Come on, seriously?!

  Oh yeah never mind the peeling paint (MORE peeling paint--yet another project...sigh) in these backgrounds. This is some of the other rehab/remodel/ construction crap littering my house from incomplete projects. I have managed to coral it into this holding area of sorts.

These next few are all me-- unfortunately. This is the closet in the spare room. No closet doors. Good thing I don't have any guests who have to wake up and stare at this. The entire right corner of this closet nook is painting supplies. To bad I am not motivated enough to do something about it...

Oh yes and let us not forget the stack-o-totes behind the door. At least my gift wrap hanging on the back of the door is organized. See that little pile of stuff in front of the totes? That is part of my super secret stairwell re-do. That I will get to...eventually.

This is a mirror I need to re-home and a little craft I am working on in front of the mirror. Another mirror behind it that needs hung on the wall as soon as the painting is finished and my necklace cabinet needs hung near my vanity.

This is all Sam-Sam. He is a rumpler. Bad kitty.

So there you have it. Some of the cluttered corners of my house. Maybe it's not cluttered. It's  lived in.  Yeah that's what I'm going with...(Don't judge)


  1. Well we all have to "live in" our homes, right? You are a lady with a lot going on! I say invite company to come stay. That always gets me moving.

  2. Thanks Jen. I should try that. If nothing else it will motivate me to move it elsewhere, haha


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