Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Birthday (early) to me

My birthday isn't until Wednesday but I decided to get an early  present for myself! I love me some technology. Even if I am slightly technologically  impaired. I can print photos!  (Oh man--I need a new camera and I haven't figured out the one that I have!) I can scan photos! (Ummm, WHERE are the boxes of old pictures?) I can print my resume and look for a job (meh, who are we kidding, haha)!  I will probably never do any of that...just keeping it real folks. (I can be a procrastinator to the nth degree--because there is blogging! And Facebook!  And OMG-- Pinterest!)

And the hubbs gave me this as early present...

Woohoo! Now I can stop borrowing his beast of drill. (He has a DeWalt and it so big and heavy. I feel like I should be launching missiles with that sucka!). This is perfect  because of it's smaller size. (OMG it has a light when you press the trigger!!) I can see what I'm doing.  (Well, see how many holes I have to patch--oops!)

The hubbs purchased this at Lowes (on sale--bonus points for the hubbs). I think the real reason is he is tired of me borrowing his stuff. I mean it isn't like I forget to charge stuff that he needs for work. Or  that I misplace things (Which is why when I was cleaning and organizing I found 3 hammers and 5 (yes 5!) tape measures.) Or ask him to do stuff when comes home from work because he had the tools in his truck (and it is easier just to ask him to do it--not that he does..ahem).  Yeah....none of those things....

I am excited! I can do stuff! Maybe... Now to add this to my own toolbox which may or may not  contain some of his missing tools that he has been asking about.


  1. I'd much rather get things like tools, etc.
    Good score. You'll have to pat hubby on the back for that choice!
    Happy Birthday-early!

  2. Thanks Sue. I actually went around the house today trying to figure out what I could use the drill on, haha


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