Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dressing Room BEFORE and AFTER

HA! I found 2 (albeit very VERY poor quality) photos of this room from when we first moved in. I talked about the condition of this room here and what it looks like now.  Again-- I am very sorry for the poor condition of the photos!

This is the vantage point towards the stairwell. The former owner had a wobbly metal porch railing. Very dark and depressing! Not to mention dangerous! Vertigo anyone?!

Here is the same vantage point with the wall and everything painted and bright. Ahhh, much better!

This is the vantage point facing the spare bedroom (street side of the house). From left to right entry into spare room, shelving nook, closet and weird window.

 Here is the same vantage point. Painted, drawers and cubby installed instead of the dilapidated shelves.

This is the closet (of which the inside still needs painted or wallpapered)

Still need paint or remove this metal trim!
This is the weird little window dressed up with shutters.

Isn't amazing what what a little A LOT of vision, paint and some minor construction skills can do? From dark, dangerous and depressing to light, functional and serene. I still have a few more teaks and some minor projects to complete in here but I am very pleased with the progression of this room!

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