Monday, January 16, 2012

My Weekend Retail Therapy

You would think after all of the Christmas shopping, I would be over it and not want to shop. Oh my friend you would be so wrong! This weekend was full of fantastic finds!

My daughter found this beautiful mirror for my vanity at one of our local thrifty haunts. It's chippy paint.  It's cottage-garden style. It's adorable!!

It is a desert plate but I thought it would be awesome as a candle holder. AND it was on clearance SCORE!

Big Lots
It is great because I use it for loose change. (Well if the hubbs and my daughter would quit taking it that is!)

TJ Maxx
A new shower curtain on clearance

This ADORABLE pillow!! It matches the decor in my girly spare bedroom perfectly! Also on clearance. 

Some aromatherapy for me! Lavender bath salts, french milled soap and silky talc 

These adorable potpourri birds!
Lemon Grass
A very cool school vibe wall mounted magazine/ file holder

I saw the flowers and chippy white finish and had to  have it. I have NO IDEAL what I am using this one for. It is not quite big enough for a magazine. Cold use it for mail or maybe to hold hand towels. Ideals anyone?

Tuesday Morning
A couple of discounted pictures frames. They are slightly different but similar in finish. Love these!

Some super cute 100% cotton fabrics and scraps for quilting projects.

A new rattan silverware organizer

My weekend was spent shopping and then deciding where to put all my newest treasures.  I also cleaned some items out of the kitchen and closets. I did a massive donation to Goodwill. I try to eliminate 1 item for every 1 new item brought in the house. A must when you live in a small space! What did all my bloggy friends do this weekend? Shop, cook, decorate, lounge around? I would love to hear from you!

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  1. What great finds and it looks like you had an enjoyable weekend!


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