Friday, January 13, 2012

A not so masterful bedroom

The alternate titles are That's Why They Call It The Blues or The Good, The Bad and The Really, Really Ugly! Where do I begin? When we initially moved in,  this bedroom was sporting tired baby blue walls AND ceiling. The carpet was a 2 tone (royal blue and baby blue) shag carpet.  Mr. Peabody set the wayback machine...GROOVY!

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos!  Yep blue, blue and more blue.  Except the orangey hue of the woodwork. This room makes me

 The first thing I did was set about painting the bedroom way back in 2000. Hmmm, the walls are really smooth and shiny. It has to be oil based paint right? So I primed the walls with Kilz. Let everything set up for 24 hrs. Then I painted the ceiling white and the walls a frosted nutmeg. It looked decent. Slapped up some accessories and called it a day. Or decade...

Then one day I noticed this tiny little bubble on the wall. Hmmm. what is that? (Now my brain is screaming at me "For cryin' out loud don't touch that. Seriously-- do NOT touch that. Oh crap now look what you did!") Yep I touched it. I poked it. I peeled it. Thheeennnnn it became an obsession. OMG there is peeling paint--I have to peel it. Until the day came when I noticed the ceiling.  Yep-I peeled it. It actually came off in a 5 foot sheet. A blanket of  paint film . WTH? Did the previous owner paint the walls with marine paint? Because how does primer NOT stick?  Here is the horrible aftermath.

The Good-our bed, we NOW have proper bedside tables and my brand new toe smushy carpet that is NOT two tone blue shag!

The bad-- A fan sitting on piece board. On a cardboard box. Thanks hubbs--you're so creative! (siiiiggghh)

The really, really ugly.  2 tone chippy paint. Kinda like living with a globe or a map on your walls. Just  not as cool. And the orange-y woodwork is a real bummer.

I need some design intervention. The entire room is depressing and just plain blech. 

What's next...
1. The arduous task of scraping the remaining paint off the ceiling and walls
2. Prime and paint the walls
3. Paint baseboards AND the doors a crisp white
4. Install crown molding. Also painted a crisp white
5. Lose the cardboard box stand! 
6.  Install the bamboo blinds
7. Paint all the lamp bases so they match
8. Matching lamp shades
9.  New curtain hardware 
10. Add art and accessorize

The colors will be...wait for and brown.  Haha. Just a more stylized version. The hubbs really likes blue (me not so much). Considering I have taken over everything else in the house I decided to compromise.  I am hoping to sneak in a little more green. My curtains will stay for now. They are actually new and feature a black-out/ thermal liner. I may change them  out in summer to something a little lighter. 

Here is my inspiration board.

Decisions, decisions...

And since the Hubbs INSISTS on a fan in the room I am thinking of buying one of these (not sure if I want a satin nickel or bronze patina finish)...

Wall mount oscillating fans

 Ceiling mount oscillating fan installed in the corner would work wonderfully!

We can't install a ceiling fan because we have very low ceilings. It is a non-issue for me because I am a Shorty Mcshort-short. The hubbs on the other hand is a full foot taller than me and there is a good chance he would be scalped by the ceiling fan. Anyhoo any one of these is a vast improvement than the cheap-o plastic stand fan. On a cardboard box. Yeah, such high style here, haha!

So there you have it-- my horrible master bedroom secret. I can't wait until I have The AFTER pics on this one!


  1. Love those "vintage style" wall mount lamps. I've never seen those before. Where did you find them?

    And your original "blue room" reminds me of our house when we first looked at it. We had a Blue Room too--blue carpet, walls, drapes and furniture. OMG. It was unreal. No wonder the people couldn't see the house for 2 years. Glad we saw what it "could" be.
    Sounds like a nightmare with the peeling paint. Hope you have much better luck with the next batch.

  2. love what you have done looks great

  3. Be warned they are PRICEY!!(>$300) Online search. There are several stores that carry them. I am going for vintage metal construction which comes at a premium price. There are cheaper versions but they are plastic and well look cheap. I haven't been able to pull the trigger just yet so to speak. I updated the photos to include source information.

    Who knows I may spend the <$ to get a wall mount for now and upgrade to what I want later on. A really good ceiling fan is several hundred dollars so I need to view this as the same type of investment.

  4. Thanks for the sources. They are pricey---but beautiful. And how often do you have to buy it?.... Well worth it for such a pretty fan.


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