Thursday, January 26, 2012

I've Got the Blues

I've got the blues...this weather is getting me down. Cold, gray, dreary, blue skies in sight. I really am over winter. 52 days until Spring. Anyone else counting it down?

I've got the my music. Love me some blues, it soothes my soul, even if I am feeling blue. I close my eyes and I am transported to a smokey gin joint, where the groove is cool and the music is hot. (For some reason I always think Memphis) And then this makes me think of barbecue. I like BBQ. And food makes me happy. So then I don't have the blues no more...

Buddy Guy is an awesome blues man!

I've got the some of my wants for my garden. (Oh to be able to garden right now!) Can't you just pictures this with a swathe of daffodils?

Blue Star Columbine

I've got the blues...with my slogging muck luk boots. I ordered some but the didn't fit (which I talked about here) But then I saw these! Sooo cute! I want want want! But what if they don't fit...again? Oh the agony!

Chooka Blue Dot
I've got the blues...with my decor. I have become absolutely smitten with the Tiffany Blue color! I want this color in every room of my house! There is something just so appealing about this color. (Maybe it is the subliminal message to the Tiffany  Ring? I dunno. I just know I like it! (The color and duh! the ring!)

Does anyone else have the blues?

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