Friday, January 27, 2012

The Longest Bathroom Remodel in History (part 2012)

Okay there really aren't 2012 parts to this. Just me being sarcastic ( BITTER!) about this project not being complete. I originally blogged about the bathroom remodel here and  here.

The sad part is I did the update on 11/3/11 AND the hubbs still has NOT finished the things I don't know how to do (or am to scared to try for fear of ruining stuff). I installed the mirror and the towel ring. After much prodding NAGGING he installed the towel rod and toilet paper holder. However, I could have beat him with his own hammer last weekend. Let me tell you why I contemplated homicide...

My stepdad and brother-in-law (who has his own construction business) offered to come over and finish up for me. (They REALLY feel sorry for me--I don't care I will take the project pity help). And my hubbs said..NO! WTH? Is he flipping insane?! GAHHHH!

I think I may have actually burst a blood vessel over that. You can only imagine the "conversation"  that ensued shortly thereafter. (And for you men reading this blog , you may need to cup your nether regions and anyone with a delicate constitution you had best leave the blog now.)

Here is a play by play of the bloody massacre that occurred. You were warned...

ME: (Standing in the kitchen, arms crossed) "Ummmm, WTH?"
Hubbs: "WTH what?"
ME: "OMG! SERIOUSLY?! are you gonna play stupid now? Or is that not an act? (Oh yes I did--I went for the jugular--I am vicious sometimes)
Hubbs:@#$%! WTF was that about?
ME: @#$% yourself! WHY WHY WHY!!! Did you tell BIL and Dad not to come over?!
Hubbs: oh...ummm
Hubbs: Well...err..I was on call and couldn't be here.
ME: (Wildly gesturing and slamming things around) SO @#$%^& what! WHY does it matter if YOU are here. I mean it is n't like you have done much of anything with the bathroom. WHEN did we start this project? LET ME REFRESH YOUR MEMORY! September @#$%^& 26 @#$%^& 2009! AND IT STILL ISN'T FINISHED!!!! Almost 3 mf@#$%^& years! THAT"S HOW LONG! THEY COULD HAVE FINISHED IT--TODAY!
Hubbs: says nothing and looks down)
ME: I am ready to beat you with your own hammer! I...DO ...NOT...UNDERSTAND...WHY you did this?!
Hubbs: I dunno (still looking down)
ME: Do you hate our house? Do you LIKE living this way? Because I sure as @#$% don't.
Hubbs: NO!! I love this house!
ME: Then the next time someone offers help DO NOT turn it down! OH and btw you no longer get to make any decisions. From now on everyone will deal with ME. They will talk to ME. I will manage this JUST like I do everything else!
Hubbs: I'm sorry I didn't think it was a big deal.
ME: (GAH! I think this is where I burst a blood vessel. I pretty much did a 2 handed palm face plant and may have actually ripped some hair out when I ran my hands through it)  I can NOT believe you said that. IT is a HUGE deal. Who on this planet has a 3 year bathroom remodel? No one--oh wait except for us. ARRRGGGG! I can't even talk to you anymore  right now! 
Hubbs: ummm....
ME: OMG! Just GO!!  Go to work. Go to the garage. Just go and leave me alone! (I turn away because I really feel like crying at this point)
Hubbs:  (heavy sigh) Footsteps followed by the quiet clicking of the door. 

So...yeah. I was a complete hysterical asshole and completely emasculated him. He was a completely insensitive oafish asshole who didn't realize what this means to me. We are the asshole couple.  It took a few hours but we finally met halfway (literally in the carport, haha),  both duly apologized and both said I'm sorry for being an ass. And both said our I Love You's. And we do love each other. But boy oh boy-- there sure is a fine line between love and hate sometimes. Just sayin'

It's all good now. Meaning me and the hubbs. Not the bathroom. It is still not complete.

The good news is it looks waaaaaayyyyy better than the original

Before (YUCK!!)

After  Not quite complete

 I swear the mirror and light fixture are centered. I guess I just shot this at a weird angle.

My cute light fixture

I bought the knobs and back-plates at Menard's for $10 total and it gives is a more custom look. Hardware is your cabinets jewelry!

Sorry-Sam-sam is my photo-bomber! I told you I liked birds so I snuck a little bird theme in here.

White subway tile and a little accent of glass mosaic.

Still need to install all the trim moldings, shower rod and accessorize. But it is oh so close to finished.....sigh

 Worlds away from the hideous ugly bath that we had before. It is very small. Probably would not work for a family with kids, but for 2 empty nesters I think it is fine! What do you think so far?

Shared on 2/06/2012

Update 2/07/2012--Check out some of teaks we made here!


  1. I love it! So light and bright. Sorry about the hubby thing. We all have one and have all been through that (not necessarily a bathroom remodel but SOME kind of project) It's amazing how differently we look at things. It's even MORE amazing we haven't annihilated the male species!
    Have a great weekend. And remember---breathe in.....breathe out......relax.....ohm.........

  2. @ Sue--HAHA I know right! By some miracle we have managed to not kill each other in 20+ yrs. Thank you it is so bright even with the darker paint color. I do really love it. I will love it more when it is finished.

  3. Well I just stumbled upon your blog and this is the first article I read from you... What a first impression. HA HA. No I'm not offended. I am seriously sympathetic. For some reason it seems like my hubs wants to be my go to man but he wont do what he says he can until i loose it too! It's a bad situation. Sorry it had to be that way for you. At least you were big enough to apologize for your behavior even if it was probably necessary to get him motivated. Bathroom looks great!

    1. LoL--Thanks Jo! Unfortunately it does require me to ape-crap crazy before he does stuff. Siiiggghhh.

      Yeaahhhh--NOT one of my finer moments! But I can totally admit when I am wrong. Which is hardly ever, haha (just kidding!)

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!


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