Friday, January 6, 2012

Everyone wants a little nook-y

You naughty little bloggies. Who would have ever guessed? Now get yer mind outta the gutter. Haha! I pulled you in with the title. Suckers. 

I have nook envy. Not Nook the e-reader. Nook as in the quirky little space found in most older homes. Wikipedia defines Nook as a corner or narrow recess (as in a room). A secluded or sheltered space. A retreat.  Um, yes please , I will take one of those.  My house is so small I barely have decent sized usable rooms, let alone a nook.

I am dreaming of a cozy breakfast nook. The kind with a built in banquette. With lots of windows. Bright, light and airy.

And a reading nook. Anyone can read in the living room or in the bedroom. But imagine saying to all your friends, "Please join me in the reading nook". Okay-Library would be better. But that sounds all hoity-toity. When in doubt pinky out! Besides how many farmhouses do you know that have a library? Hmmm, that's what I thought. Anyhoo, the reading nook should be comfortable, cozy and inviting.
Maybe it is the winter blahs that makes me crave the light, bright airy breakfast nook. (or maybe I am just hungry and want breakfast).  Perhaps is is the frigid grasp of winter that makes want comfy cozy and to snuggle up with a book. And a cup of cocoa. And a cookie, brownie, scone! Yeah, I'm hungry. And cold. And sleepy.

Looking around my house, I can't have a breakfast nook but surely I can carve some space for a reading nook. I will keep you posted if I find anything. Meanwhile, I would love to hear from all my bloggy friends.  Do you have a favorite nook in your house?

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