Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My girly guest room-Before and After

I should really say this is my room. I love to hang out in here and read. The room has 3 windows (1 normal size and 2 little windows). It has a North, West and South exposure.  This room wasn't always so welcoming. The  door was a bi-fold closet door, there was dark walnut paneling and drab, musty olive green carpet. Awesome.

I talked about my girly room in a previous post. (Still a work in progress.)
Sam-Sam enjoys the view
New "Home Tweet Home" pillow. The coverlet is in The Broken Dishes pattern.
What's left on the list?
Spare Bedroom (aka The Girly Room) Checklist

[✓] carpet
[✓] repair walls
[✓] paint walls
[✓] prep window trim
[✓] prime window trim
[✓] paint window trim
[✓] prime baseboards
[] paint baseboards work in progress
[] install ceiling trim molding
[✓] install new window blinds
[✓] install window treatments
[] clean up antique bed frame
[✓] set up bed
[] amp up the charm with a faux fireplace--YES PLEASE! No room, wah, wah, wah
[] convert closet to entertainment nook  Apparently I need storage more-boo!
[] install new ceiling light fixture Still figuring this one out
[] decorate  work in progress
[✓] enjoy!

The room isn't complete, but I AM enjoying it (as is Chubbs, Tovah and especially Sam-Sam). It is light, bright, cozy and comfortable. Still a few tweaks and unfinished projects but waaaaaayyyyy better than before!

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