Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The house of 1000 unfinished projects

Okay...MAYBE I exaggerated a bit.  Maybe  it is not a 1000 unfinished projects. It just feels as if there are that many. I can say with all honesty I do NOT have 1 single room in my home that is 100% complete. What is it with the hubbs (and I hate to admit this) and  sometimes ME that will allow us to complete 90% of a project and then  just say...MEH, good enough. (Don't judge me...)

I can tell you based on our professions (he is maintenance technician) and I have been a Chemist for 20+ years. Good enough just is not our typical Operatus Morandi. It isn't shoddy work. Just incomplete. I am waaaayyyy to much type A and a control freak for any work to be shoddy or to allow unfinished projects. they are. Mocking me. Disrupting me sleep.  I am OBSESSING over these unfinished projects.

 I wonder is it my pursuit of perfection in a VERY imperfect house that causes the hubbs, me  us to burn out before the job is complete?. Perhaps it the stress of working and dodging all the missiles life launches in a daily assault.  Have we become complacent and lazy? Did I really pick the right color/ finish/ should I have installed that???...(My brain can be a very scary place)...I become mired in the details and begin to second guess myself. This when the project begins to stall. The hubbs senses this and it is his cue to exit stage left. Or out the back door . Whatever. 

I often feel I am the only one tying up loose ends.  

Don't get the wrong ideal. The hubbs is a great guy. He works really hard. He WANTS to have a nice house. He just doesn't want to do the work and is willing pay someone. I am far to cheap for that. And did I mention control freak? Perhaps that is part of the disconnect. (What is the old adage about the great mechanic who drives a crappy car?) Same principle applies. He does great work...for everyone else. His customers are satisfied--except me. He doesn't see "us" as our own customer...siiiggghhh

I am ever so slowly (as in molasses going upward on a cold day kinda slow) tackling what feels like the never-ending list.  It is forcing me to learn new skills. Drywall, tiling, improving my painting skills, learning how to properly use a level, understanding the need for slope on plumbing drain lines. Fun times. Except I draw the line at electricity. No way Jose. If I want a perm I will get it the old fashioned way. With scalp wrenching curlers and noxious chemical fumes. 

If you have read any of the posts on my blog there is a litany list of  incomplete projects, so I won't bore you with all the tedious details. Unless you are into that kind of thing. No judgement here...haha  well, maybe a little.


  1. Oh you are cracking me up! Nobody (and by nobody, I of course mean me) ever finishes a room completely. And my husband would rather cut a check than cut the grass...I totally get it!

    I'm impressed with your skills!

  2. Aww Thanks for support and commiserating with me!


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