Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bargains Galore

I went thrifting again. It's a good thing I shop at the thrift stores otherwise my spending could get out of control. I wonder how many of my sentences begin with..."I was at a thrift store/ yard sale/ flea market/ Goodwill..." haha

More baskets. I may have a bit of an obsession with baskets which I am sure gathered from my previous post.
Goodwill $12 for all!
Look at this awesome chalkboard. I have seen so many DIY chalkboards out there in blog-land  but I couldn't make one for less the price of this after I bought all the supplies I needed.
Goodwill $8! Nice heavy wood frame  and neat little compartments for chalk and an eraser.
These cool wood and rusty metal scroll-work plaques. One has a bracket for a pot. So cute!
Goodwill, $4 for the pair 

RRP (Robinson Ransbottom Pottery) Crock Feeder 5. Excellent condition, no cracks and no chips. I have seen these listed on-line for as low as $5 upwards to $25 depending on condition. Then factor in shipping at $8-$15. Yeah, I got a good deal!
Vintage Market and Thrift, $8
This has to be my favorite!!  This wood tool box is 30 inches wide and 9 inches deep. Can't you just picture this with flowers spilling over the sides. I definitely overpaid and broke my rule of letting my emotion get the better of me. Could I have made one cheaper? Yes. Would I have done that? No.  I just...HAD to have it!
Vintage Market  and Thrift. I haggled the price down from $32 to $20.  More than I wanted to pay, but I didn't want to kick myself later for NOT buying it.

However, here is where I scored my best deal!!  This picture doesn't do these justice. I scored 2 of these "wind chimes". Each has 11  of the 5 1/2 inch iridescent glass prisms. The prisms alone could cost $85-$100.  I  have MAJOR plans for these crystals. They are definitely not staying as wind chimes.

Vintage Market and Thrift,  $6 for each!!
 SO it was a pretty decent haul even if I did overpay slightly for a few items. What about you, any good bargains of late?


  1. A woman after my own heart! I LOVE hitting the thrift stores and scoring awesome finds. I'll be sharing another one I scored today later this week. Of course it was just one thing this trip but for a last minute decision to stop I feel it was was meant to be. Good scores!!!

  2. I LOVE me some good junkin'! lol And you're right some days there is the inexplicable pull to go to one of my thrift stores unexpectedly and then I find something unexpected and wonderful. I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can go to yard/garage/ rummage sales!

  3. I love thrift stores! I have been scouting out the ones in the nearest town for jars, lately, but recently found two brand new end table lamps for 9 bucks a piece. Originally from Sears, who knows how expensive those would actually cost.

    Your finds are awesome. That chalk board is really neat!

    1. @PC--Thanks! I swear I could have amnesia and I would STILL find my way to the thrift stores, haha. Good or bad depending on how you look at it there several dozen antique/ thrift stores within a 20 min driving radius of me. I could literally shop until I drop. Or am broke. Or both.

      That is an awesome score on your lamps because lamps are soooo expensive! Did you post pics on your blog?


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