Thursday, April 19, 2012

Canning Basics

Remember how I said I was taking a Canning Bootcamp class? Well I wanted break down some of the basics for those of you who don't can (and maybe want to)

What you need to begin canning

Go  to the USDA website for canning/ food preserving  guidelines and get yourself a copy of 
2012 edition

A canning tool set

Left to Right: Lid magnet, head-space/ bubble wand, jar tongs, funnel

A variety of canning jars

Sealing lids and Rim rings

Canning rack(s)

 Ad image

A Pressure Canner

You can always use your pressure canner as a water canner. No need to buy 2 separate units UNLESS you plan on canning a TON-o-stuff!


Besides the USDA and Ball there are several reliable websites and publications for reference.

Front Cover

Also go to for additional info and canning courses.

I recommend finding local canning class. Sometimes the YMCA, local agriculture extension or grocery stores will offer classes. 
Check HERE
Ask an older relative or friend who cans. I guarantee they will be happy to help/ teach!

You don't have to have your own garden to can
You can go to a farmers market, local farm or warehouse club and find some really good deals on items to can/ preserve.
Know that by canning you are taking up a craft that was commonplace by your ancestors.
You get to control the quality and ingredients.
Canning is healthier food= healthier you
Canning saves you money (after the initial investment) Jars and rings can be used  for years if properly maintained and stored.
Start small to build your confidence.
Don't be afraid and have fun!


  1. Oh wow - the canner you pictured is one of my dream canners - An All American. *sigh*.... I'll make do with my Presto for now, I guess - I just can't justify buying a new canner! :)


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