Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sown and Harvest #6

Welcome to my Sunday post dedicated to all things garden, landscape, and plant related.

Weeding, poison oak and spiders, OH MY!

Weeding is in full swing yank. I cannot believe how quickly the weeds have established themselves. I seem to have a a nice thicket of poison oak which established itself in my big perennial  bed. I had to have the hubbs remove the 3 little patches since I am allergic.  Then the humongo spider I featured here has completely made itself at home in the bed with my rose and lavender. Should I be worried? It's kinda huge! Not sure if it is poisonous. All I know is it doesn't want to leave and I am wussie enough to respect that.
Wicked scary ((shudders))

I did a little shopping! New solar lights, flower boxes, a chaise lounge, a garden cart and pea gravel for potting shed floor. Not a bad haul.
I only stopped shopping because I ran out of room in the truck.
I can't wait to get a cushion for this, settle in with a good book and some iced tea (or maybe a wine cooler).
Black Wrought Iron Patio Chaise Lounge
I am gonna go very plain-jane and get a beige cushion. I know not very exciting. But it is what is in stock in the store. I am to impatient to order online and wait for it ...sheesh
Smith & Hawken® Outdoor Double Welt Chaise Lounge Cushion - Tan Woven.Opens in a new window

New solar lights! Every local store was out of stock for the crackle ones I wanted (boo). So I bought these. Practical and easily replaced if needed. These have a nice brushed nickel finish and are NOT plastic! Plus when they are lit up at night they cast a very cool "sunburst" pattern. Glad I bought them. (Except I didn't buy enough) Oh darn! (snaps fingers) Gee I have to go back to Home Depot. To shop. haha
Hampton Bay
6 bags of pea gravel  was put down on the previous garbage shed soon to be potting shed.  I think I need another 5 to 6 bags. The good news it no longer stinks since it has has the winter to air out. The bad news--it is still kinda creepy. Lots  of potential though. 

From this

To this

And I got a really awesome garden cart. Much easier to use than a wheelbarrow. It is rated for 250 lbs which is good, I can haul more rocks for the flower beds!

What's new in your yard and garden this week?


  1. bought some pansies..and ordered honeysuckle trees from qvc!!.would love one of those ames haulers you bought...on the list are new solar lights too..oh and I would love a fire pit!!
    new mail box going in on friday...time to spruce up the outside..stone veneer on the house too! busy busy spring!

    1. Hi Robin-Sorry I couldn't find the link to your blog! You have been very busy! The garden cart was $19.99 at Home Depot (normally $39.99). How could I NOT buy it?! I love fire pits! I would love to see pics and updates of your progress. Thank you so much for stopping by to comment!


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