Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's not my forever green house

...but it will do! I had talked about it (ever so briefly) here and here

This is what I REALLY want
Or this
Or this
Or this
Well you get the ideal. I REALLY, REALLY want a forever kind of greenhouse.


Lots of parts. And instructions with tiny print--yay! (Sarcasm  intended)

All kinds of connectors imprinted with little tiny letters

The walls are going up
 The hubbs is well over 6ft tall and he can stand under the peak with hunching or ducking. SO no problem for a Shorty McShorty-Short like me!
Not to shabby! 

Of course I totally had to red-neck-tify by adding zip ties. Haha! I zip tied all the shelves in place to keep them from moving and it actually makes the frame more rigid. Maybe I will toss down some weed-block cloth and pea gravel to make it more permanent. Also my old "mini" greenhouse the cover had gotten ripped bit it fits in the back of this perfectly! Plenty of room for my seedlings.  All total there are 9 shelves including the little gh. I sure do love me some shelves, lol. Just ask the hubbs. Or read the about me. It'll do.


  1. I would so love to have a great big greenhouse. Or a little itty bitty one. Anything. Really!
    Well, until you get the forever one---happy growing with this one.
    (and yea, all the itty bitty parts---UGH!)

    1. Hi Sue--I do really enjoy it. And so do some flying, biting bugs. I went in to water and hear all kinds of buzzing (freaked out cause I'm allergic to bees) looked up and saw like a gazillion (ok I exaggerate more like a dozen or so) bugs. I don't like use pesticides, so out came the insecticidal soap spray. A few squirts and they dropped like-well -flies. HA! SO now it's all good.

  2. Looks great! Nothing wrong with that (other than it's not the forever one, ha) but hey you know what? It will do the same thing and you'll have almost as much fun!! And you're one greenhouse of any kind ahead of my dream, ha.

    1. Hey FM-It is kinda fun! I am happy with it. I will make sure we move in in the garage to overwinter. And if I am careful that should save the plastic cover for a few years. It was ~$60-$65. A worthwhile investment!


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