Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Doing the can-can

Ok I am not  really doing the Can-Can. But I am dancing around and yelling Waaaahooo! Why you may ask? 

Because I am going to canning boot camp.

You know CANNING. The stuff your grandma used to do.

There is a workshop being offered locally

Me and one of my besties (The lovely Miss Trish) are canning buddies and going to boot camp on Saturday! There were only 3 available slots and we got 2 of the 3...phew. What a close call! I know how to can..sorta. I always feel hesitant. Wondering if I am doing it wrong.  I need the voice of experience. I can read all kinds of books. I learn by doing. Sooo gonna learn (or relearn) the basics. At BOOT CAMP!

So when my garden harvest looks kinda like this

My pantry will look like this

I can't wait to tell y'all 'bout it!

All images sourced from web


  1. When you make sure you are doing it right I want the green beans that grandpa use to can please and Thank You :)

  2. How exciting!!! I took a short class last Summer, and loved it. I want to do more but it's always hard to find one going on. When you do, they fill up fast. Can't wait to hear all about it!!!

  3. Great post!! Sounds like you'll be the life of the party....I mean boot camp.
    Thanks for stopping by, Mary Alice


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