Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just roll with it

I was looking for a cheap way to make seed pots because I have an INSANE number of seeds. I was reading one of the blogs I follow, Sky Minded & Ever Growing, and Melissa had a GREAT ideal to use toilet paper rolls. You can see how she makes her seed pots hereI told her I was gonna steal  borrow her ideal, haha! Since I am never one to do anything just as someone else. I decided to put my spin, er, fold on it. 

1 empty toilet paper roll core.
Cut in half
 The beginning of 2 new pots
Make 4 equidistant slits
 Fold like a box

There you have it! Fill with soil, add your seeds and water. I use planter trays, lids , old baking sheets with gravel to set my pots on to transport them around.

First-I can't believe how much TP and paper towels we use (I just toss the flattened empties in a canvas tote-when the bag is full I take it to the garage and dump them in a rubber maid tote--and by no means do I get every single empty one from our house. If I get a shortage I just ask people to I know to save me some). Second-these aren't perfect . If they wobble a bit just kinda smush the bottom. (It is a technical term , haha)  Third- I love I am recycling. They are biodegradable. And it is cheap cheap cheap!

For paper towel or saran wrap/ aluminum oil cores you will repeat the steps except instead of cutting in half you will cut the tube into 4"s.

Ready, set, seed.

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  1. Seriously ... I love this idea and yes! I am featuring you today at Thank you so much for sharing this idea that you "borrowed" and letting us do the same :)

    1. Thanks BJ! I am happy to pass the TP --err, um-- knowledge, haha!


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