Friday, April 6, 2012

TGIF--The toddler has left the building!

Pheeeeewwww-weeeeeeee! I am whooped! As I had mentioned on Monday I was babysitting my niece (who turned 4 yrs. old today--Happy Birthday Princess!) all week. Since my daughter will be 26 in May I kinda forgot how hard it is to take care of a toddler alllll day! Especially since she was being dropped off at my house between 6:10-7 am everyday. AND I. NOT. a. morning. person!!

We had several activities scheduled. But a toddler makes their own schedule. You pretty much the supporting role as they are the star of the universe. We planted flowers .

 We built a fort/ tent using pillows and blanket in my living room. We had a playdate at McDonald's in the toddler room (don't judge). 

When the weather was bad I moved the car from the carport and we played kickball. 

We had quiet time everyday with Nick Jr and what ever mind numbing program was on the schedule for about 45 minutes, so I could take a shower, take my dogs off the porch, toss in a load of laundry and grab a bite to eat. 

On Thursday I decided I was a masochist because I watched 2 toddlers. Alllll day....
To mom's of multiples or stair step kids out there --I salute you-- because I thought I was gonna die 
Today was the last day and it is her birthday. So I blew off all my chores and took her out for the day. We went to Frisch's for her favorite--Mac N Cheese!

Then to UDF for Blue-Moo ice cream with sprinkles

Finally back to my house to play with her pinwheel for just a bit before her dad picks her up to take her home. 

My house is back to is it's orderly in the toy-box, crumbs and fingerprints cleaned up and the house is oddly silent. Having her here was a lovely walk down memory lane as I reminisced and flashed back to the moments of being with my daughter at that age.Even the hubbs appreciated the the welcome change of chaos that naturally occurs when caring for children. I guess it was kind of nice to shake things up a bit. Although it was her birthday, she gave us a gift this week. She allowed us to use our imagination. To step outside the confines of the rigid box in which we are encased.We were able to view everyday moments through the eyes of a child with pure joy and abandonment. 

Although I may end up sleeping for a week now, haha. 

Happy weekend y'all!

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  1. As much as I love spending time with my grandsons, I'm exhausted when they leave. Hope you have had time for a quiet bath and a glass of wine.

    Happy Easter.


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