Friday, April 27, 2012

Foodie Frugal Friday #9

Welcome to Foodie Frugal Friday #9! Fridays are my "day off" from my blog. Every Friday I will feature some recipes from across the web and blog-land.

OH-EM-GEE! I am dying. From hunger. Ok I am not REALLY dying from starvation, I mean I don't live in 3rd world country where that is a reality for so many. I am being overly dramatic. But I am HUNGRY!! I am dieting...AND IT SUCKS!! I want carbs. omg so many carbs. Sweet delicious carbs....siiiggghhh

Seriously in the 1500's I would have been worshiped for my rubenesque beauty.

So yeah, definitely craving comfort food! Here are some links to some super delicious foods! I just did the links because if I looked at anymore pics --I swear I would eat the entire contents of my fridge-- my bottom jaw would unhinge and I'd be all predator/alien style on it. And no one wants to see that.

And FYI--I hate all you skinny bitches . Maybe it is just the hunger talking trash....Viva La Fatty!


  1. LOL! --Sorry ---you seem to have hit one of those days. Just love your sense of humor about it--- I also have a rubenesque figure in the wrong century. But, I'm working on it. Fifteen down, THIRTY (ugh)to go......

    1. Hi Sue--The night is the worse part for me. I am an emotional eater. A bored eater. Just an eater period. ugh. 10 stinkin' lbs. That's it so far. But at least the number is going down and not up. Congrats on your 15lb loss! That's 33% of your goal! How awesome is that?!

  2. YOU CRACK ME UP! Loved this post, hilarious. Keep up the good work! I know (from personal experience myself, and still ongoing!) that it's not easy. Hey we can't gain weight from looking, right? I'm a night eater too. And a carb lover. Oh, I adore you. But we usually try to be good as much as possible, not always) during the week, then go off the rails a bit on the weekend, ha.

    And side note, congrats to Sue as well!

    1. Hey FM--seriously I don't know how I haven't bit someone. or beat up a baby to take it's candy. I can't watch tv because of all the commercials for stuff. THEY

      I really restrict myself during the day, but by 5pm--whooo boy look out cause I am mean. It just so happens that is near the time my hubbs comes home from work--poor guy, haha

      I HAVE to do this. I feel like it is now or never. Trying so hard to be good. Tonight (being how it is Friday and all) I mage angel hair pasta bolognese, salad and garlic bread. I was good and didn't eat the garlic bread!

      Although if there is an undecipherable post later, it means I passed out face first onto my laptop from my carb overload!...Totally worth it!

  3. I think I just gained 5+++ lbs reading your chooses. But it was fun! Well worth it and a perfect day because I do take one day off a week from my diet to indulge and that's today!!


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