Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wait a minute Mr. Postman

Saturday I had mentioned on MCLFH facebook page that I needed to paint my ancient and decrepit mailbox. The mailbox was attached to the house when we moved here 12 yrs ago. It was horribly rusted and faded to a dull grayish black. So I slapped a coat of spray paint and added a little stencil and forgot about it. For 12 years. Until I was getting the mail on Saturday and was chased away by rather angry wasps who decided my mailbox was their dream home. Once I got away (i.e. securely in my house, behind closed and locked doors) and my heart returned to it's normal beat, I decided 1) they must go...and suffer  2) My mailbox was looking a wee bit shabby.

Out came the wasp and hornet killer spray, and I waited patiently for sundown and all the angry buzzing to cease. Then carefully opening the mailbox, holding the lid open with a clothespin  the wasp nest got zapped. And I mouthed thank you and gave the hubbs the thumbs up sign while he sprayed and ran.  Ummm, you seriously didn't think I was gonna do that, right?! So when the wasps were eliminated the hubbs took the mailbox off the wall of the house and knocked out the nest for me. I used the hose to spray it down and remove any pesticide. Then wiped it with rubbing alcohol which helps eliminate any greasy residue from the pesticide and binds with the water to speed drying.  Once the mailbox looked dry I did wipe it down with paper towels to make sure.

Now for some inspiration...

copper mailbox
Copper Wall Mount Mailbox
Flamboyany, brass mailbox

Out came the 100 grit sandpaper to knock off any of the burrs and give the surface some teeth so the paint would adhere. After tacking it off, I sprayed with Rustoleum hammered copper but it was to bright and shiny for my taste. Then I oversprayed  with the hammered brown/ bronze. Much better.
Hmmmm...I like the finish, it just looks kind of plain.
 Out comes a stencil.

And the hammered copper paint.


I sprayed the lid hammered copper for a nice 2 tone look and to pick up on the sunburst. 
What do you think? Not perfect but nothing in my house (life or world) is anywhere near perfect. I like it. Who knows maybe I will bling it up down the road. Until the thing falls apart I refuse to spend the money on a new mailbox. Yes I know I can get a cheap generic one for $13 and some change. Mine has character. And I am ok with that.

Total cost= FREE
I had all materials on hand (Mailbox, stencil, and both cans of paint)

Next project: New House Numbers!

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  1. Bravo, you truly amaze me with your talent and love for the older things and lil things in life!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks FM! The hubbs liked it! No word from our post carries, haha

  3. First off as a Carpenters fan, I enjoyed the video. I have the song, but never seen this video before. I'm sure Karen must have loved filming it since she collected Mickey Mouse things.

    Second, your post cracked me up. Glad you were able to get rid of the wasps without being stung.

    I like the makeover. I actually think these old mailboxes add charm to older houses. You did a great job of giving yours a look that is unique to your home, which is what everyone should do. Thank you for linking up to the Your Cozy Home Party. Just a friendly reminder, but please remember to include a link back when joining any linky party.

    1. Thanks Shannon! Since it has been repainted the wasps have stayed out of it so far. I hate those things!

  4. OH. MY. GOSH!!! I love it!!! Great job ...

    1. Thanks Bj! Of course now I want spray and stencil everything, haha

  5. there is nothing so good as a nice craft project/make-over as the result of a good story. great post. thank your sharing !

    1. Hi Rose-Thank you for hosting! I am really glad my hubbs sprayed for wasps because I REALLY didn't want to have to do that job, lol

  6. I love the chalkboard speech bubble and the single large letter monogram! kids wall decals


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