Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Toddler time-My little gardener girl

As I had mentioned in yesterday's post I am babysitting my  nearly  4 yr. old niece all week. She actually woke my sister up at 3:30 am and said, "Mommy, you take me to my Aunt Tona's house now?" lol. Gotta love that girl! We took a little trip to Target and Princess baby-girl had definite ideals of what she didn't and did want.
We ended up with this instead
We bought a packet of marigold seeds and she planted them all by herself!
Nope-no more seeds
Time to water
Wanting to dig!
Now to rake
The best part was after she planted her Marigold seeds is she stood in front of the flower pot jumping up and down and said, "Grow, Grow, Grow!" How often have I said that? haha
When her dad picked her up she was yawning because we had such a big adventure! My brother in law called me 10 minutes after he left and said now she wants to grow carrots and green beans! Then my sister called me several hours later and said all she heard was Aunt Tona, Aunt Tona, Aunt Tona, haha. Guess I made an impression. I sure do love that girl!


  1. Awh, how sweet. I love to do things out doors with my angels but for some reason they don't like the working aspect of having a garden! Hmmmm but they sure do like to eat from it~go fig!
    I have enjoyed your blog (I knew I would) and as I wrote earlier I will follow you, I too like old homes, have you seen The Bronson Pinchot Project? I enjoy it

    Thank you & Many Blessings

  2. And I'd be willing to bet you slept pretty good last night! Nothing like toddlers to wear a person out. After we watch our grandson-I'm always guaranteed a great sleep-LOL!


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