Monday, April 23, 2012

Funky and Frugal Finds #10

Funky and Frugal Finds Monday #10

Me and  my daughter hit the GW in Loveland on Sunday. It was crowded and boy oh boy was everything picked over. I wasn't sure we would find anything worthwhile. But I did manage to find a few things...

Is it bigger than a breadbox? No-because it is a breadbox!  Can't you just picture this all cleaned up, painted and maybe stenciled. I have lots of ideals for this !

This funky monkey pod bowl

A cute little metal bucket. This will be great as a planter!

And this sweet little enameled metal tray. This will look adorable in my spare room!
Anyone else have some funky or frugal finds you want to share?


  1. Love all your frugal finds! So much better than paying full price. I just found a breadbox a few weeks ago at a consignment shop.

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks! This is the first decent one I have found in a while. I REALLY want a vintage enamel bread bin/ box. Unfortunately for a decent one they are expensive and the one's I can afford are in terrible shape! And I really have to STOP by the money pod bowls and trays. Seriously how many do I need? (At last count I 8/ in various sizes/shapes) I just feel like I am rescuing them, haha.


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