Monday, April 16, 2012

Funky and Frugal Finds #9

Funky and Frugal Finds Monday #9   

Except that it is 4 days late (because I forgot to publish) oops! And it is not funky nor frugal. I have not been thrifting is 3 weeks! I think I am having withdrawal. The hubbs was concerned  I was shopping to much...hmmm. So instead of going out thrifting, I have managed to to do a little online auction  shopping. He didn't say I couldn't do that. AND if he NOTICES anything new I will tell him I got it from an auction site. I just won't volunteer the info, HA! Besides he has his "mad money" and he doesn't like when I tell him how to spend his.  I have mine and I will uses it how I see fit. So there!

Anyway here is the art print that I got into a bidding war over. I am very competitive and like to win! 
Ray Eyerly (c) 1966
Which I obviously did several weeks ago. I didn't think UPS was ever going to deliver it! I wish you could see the detail in this transfer print. It amazes me that the original pen and ink drawing was so finitely detailed! While I am not huge fan of the western art genre this particular piece spoke to me! Unfortunately I spent more than I wanted to but HAD to have this. It is still within the price range for this particular artist prints, was professionally framed (Western Picture Frame Co. in Oregon) and most of all I LOVE it! Ray Eyerly was a self taught and prolific artist. There are conflicting reports if he was born in Canton, Ohio or Canton, Illinois. He relocated out West (Sisters, Oregon) You can read more about him HERE and HERE 

Nothing is more country, cozy, farmhouse than a barnyard!


  1. I understand when you love it; you love it and you have to bid to win. Yeah! I agree with you on husbands and money!

  2. Ray was a close friend to my family. The original to your print hung in our home. While in junior High and High School Ray taught me all I know about painting and drawing. I have several letters from him as well. My first job was as a tour guide at Bush House. When no tourists were there, I would sit for hours at the kitchen table doing pen and ink drawings. I actually sold my drawings for $5.00 each to many of the folks taking the tours through Bush House! To this day, all that Ray taught me has been such a wonderful gift.

  3. Hi Tonya, I am just online looking around for some info on the exact same Ray Eyerly print that you won on the auction. My dad recently given me 4 different pieces of art work and told me that some may be a little valuable. I don't even know where to start so GOOGLE!!! You are really the only info with this same pic.. can you help ANY with just an IDEA of a value..(should I insure it? hang it up? put kids thru college? garage sale? E bay? Any help you can offer to me would be so greatly appreciated.. Thank You Michelle

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment. Unfortunately I don't know the financial value. That has been o my list of things to look into, but sadly I have not. I have not been able to distinguish any sequence numbers, so I am confident it is not an original merely a copy. I did take the precaution to not hang it in direct sunlight, nor have I altered the frame or backing in anyway.

      All my searching for info has indicated you would look for a small (C) sig, a date and a sequence # for the picture to be of any worth (typically $75-$350). But this value depends on the print desirability, condition, and sequence #. I have included a few links for you to peruse. I am sorry I could not be of more help. Please give me a shout out if you find anything interesting! :)

    2. I inherited the exact same print from an Uncle in 1992. I have been cleaning out a storage room and decided to see what it might be worth. My print is black and white it has a signature and the small (c) 1966 but it has no # mark, it is 22"x17 1/2" and is in what I think is very good condition. I looked at all 3 of the sights you listed but found nothing that helped determine a value. Any other ideas?

    3. The only other suggestion I have, is take it in have it appraised. Please let me know if you find any useful information!


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