Thursday, April 12, 2012

I am beginning to hate painting

That's right-I said it! GASP!  Is it  blasphemous for a DIYer to utter thise words?  But dang it- I am tired. And sore. And grumpy. The weather is actually nice and warm. All I wanna do is play in my garden. What have I been doing day in and out? Priming and painting...bahhhh
Not my house. My hubbs BFF mobile home. Which was/ is an unmitigated disaster. Two weeks until he has to move in and I am not sure we're gonna make it. Walls still need patched, repaired or some need sanded. The walls which are fixed I have been painting. Pretty much all the plumbing had to be redone. The floors are repaired from all the access panels from the 20+ leaks. Yeah the hubbs was thrilled with that-- NOT!  The carpet (bedroom) and linoleum (bathroom) still need to be installed. Laminate for the kitchen. The doors need painted. Lighting fixtures installed. Hardware changed.And all the screens need replaced. That is just the inside work. Maybe I don't hate painting. Maybe I hate DIY right now

Here's a pic of the over-sized living room. Sorry for all the junk, but it is a construction zone. The living room is HUGE! 23X20. 460 square feet! And lots of light. So that's a good thing.

Here's a sneak peak at the bathroom.The cabinet, vanity and tub are all in good shape. I found this moody blue mis-tint on clearance. (haha no pun intended towards the band The Moody Blue's) I still have a few area's to touch up. That will finished today. As soon as the light fixture and  linoleum is installed I can scrub everything down, hang the shower rod, shower curtain, the towel rod and hang the cheapo-o makeover  artwork . 

So that is kinda where I am at on this project. Even though I have a kazillion of my own house projects to do. But it is for a friend, so you do what you can to help.  Well wish me luck because I have to finish the bathroom, paint the 2nd coat in the 1st bedroom and get the 1st coat in the kitchen.  UUURRRRGH!!!!

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