Monday, April 9, 2012

Funky and Frugal Finds #8

Welcome to Funky and Frugal Finds Monday #8

I don't  have much to show because I haven't really been thrifting the last 2 weeks. Between family issues, babysitting my niece, and working on the hubb's bff's mobile home--I haven't had time for anything!

I did acquire this little gem of  artwork. A signed oil painting (maybe a hobby artist since I couldn't find any information)   I love it because the colors perfectly  match the other oil canvas I have. It is also the same theme (i.e, landscapes)
Goodwill for $6
A friend had given me a gift card to Pier 1, which I promptly used for this funky grandmother clock! It is 5 feet tall but only protrudes from the wall 2.5 inches. You actually hang it like artwork. I love it!

Sunday I was on my way to my sister's for Easter and my nieces birthday party when I spied some curbside gems. Since I have a little car I could only grab this over-sized  crock. I really need a truck just for me because there were some awesome things in that garbage pile! The bottom of the crock had come off but was with the crock when I picked it from the curb. it has been well loved. No cracks, chips or fractures. I am pretty sure I can re-attach the bottom since it was a clean cleave. But I won't do anything until I talk to someone since I don't want to ruin the value! It doesn't get better than free!
Star Stoneware, Crooksville, Ohio circa 1892-1945
As I have mentioned a few times, I am re-doing my hubbs bff's mobile home. I had originally envisioned a cool mid-century vibe going on but I had to go where the meager budget took me.  I managed to score this leather couch, art deco inspired dresser, nightstand and armoire (sorry for the color variations in the photos) for $140.00 at a local thrift store. The couch is immaculate (no rips, tears, burns, scratches--just a bit dusty from the truck ride and sitting in my garage until move in day). The furniture needs cleaned up, has a few dings but is solidly built. I like but most importantly my hubbs bff loves it!
What is more dude-ly than a leather couch?
There is talk this may be converted to a liquor cabinet

Not a bad haul! Do you have any good finds to share?


  1. No good finds here to share with you, but I am digging that crock for heaven sakes!

    1. Hi Diane--Thanks for stopping by to comment! I am in LOVE with that big ol crock. And I have no ideal what to do with it. Ok not true. I have a kazillion ideals, but can't pick one. My brain is paralyzed with ideal overload! lol

  2. I can't believe the crock was in the garbage pile. Last week there was a treasure trove of garbage at my little old lady neighbors--her children were moving her out---and I didn't get to treasure hunt like I wanted. Great deal on the stuff for your husband's man cave, too!

    1. Hi Sarah! I know right?! There were sooo many awesome things in that junk pile--an awesome 1940's/1950's honeycombed wine rack and several sets of shutters. I tell ya--it haunts me! haha


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