Friday, March 23, 2012

Foodie Frugal Friday #6

Welcome to Foodie Frugal Friday #6 ! Fridays are my "day off" from my blog. Every Friday I will feature some recipes from across the web and blog-land.

Here in the Midwest the weather has been abnormally warm for March. In fact we have exceed two historical record highs. Instead of feeling Spring-like it has felt decidedly like summer. So much so our AC has already been turned on. AND NOT by me! The hubbs  actually turned it in . Normally we fight over it and  the no AC until Memorial weekend rule is in effect.

Since the weather is decidedly summer-esque so shall be my foodie frugal forte.... In the words of Yogi Bear, "Hello, Pic-a-Nic Basket!"

Oh Yum--Doesn't this look awesome?  Cherry tomatoes, asparagus and Mozzarella. Cool and delicious!
Asparagus Mozzarella Salad Recipe 
A  tasty Muffeletta sandwich 
Marinated chick pea salad
Marinated Chickpeas Recipe 
Cheesecake is ALWAYS the perfect dessert
Marble Cheesecake Squares Recipe 
Ice cold lemonade
Picnic Lemonade 
 I would love to have this as my picnic quilt! I love the postage stamp quilts!

This picnic basket is adorable! My suggestion go to a  thrift store for your picnic basket. Most often you can find them for under $15. Otherwise for new one  plan on spending $40 and up for the rattan variety. (And that is just not frugal)
And you gotta have some cute (unbreakable) dishes for your Picnic right? 
I really want to go on a picnic now. Can you just imagine--fresh air, sunshine, yummy food, total peace and relaxation. Like a mini vacation without all the expense and hassle of a real vacation. What could be more frugal than that?

 Happy weekend y'all!

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