Saturday, March 17, 2012

The St Patty's Day ranting and thifting post!


Well the luck of the Irish must have been with me yesterday and  today because I scored some AWESOME deals when I went thrifting! Wa-hoo! I will go in depth on my finds in Monday's blog post of Funky and Frugal Finds Monday #6.

Remember how I talked about my the hubbs BFF getting a mobile home that we are helping him remodel? Well apparently between the two of them they decided I wasn't busy enough handling the painting and decorating. They gave me EVEN more stuff to take care of  (and I have a cold so I have very little tolerance--for anything right now)!  My responsibilities now include personal errands for his bff (like clothes shopping, laundry detail,  bank transactions, post office, and grocery shopping) Somehow I am now a personal assistant. An UNPAID personal assistant. What the huh? ggrrrrr Can someone please tell me how two men both 51 and 50 (the hubbs and BFF, respectively), can be so completely helpless, clueless, demanding?!

Last time I checked I was only married once. To one man.  Having 1 husband is bad enough at times. Now I have my hubbs AND a stray.  They are finding things for me to do so I will leave them alone. (I think I am getting played...hmmmm) 
Ok, now that I have that out of the way...the hubbs BFF asked me to pick some jeans and tee shirts for his work. Yesterday I did manage to score a pair of Levis (like new!) for $2.98 (at New to You Thrift store) and 5 tee shirts for $6.50 (St. Vincent de Paul). Those were some good prices! And the hubbs BFF freaked out (in a good way) and was all like, "NO WAY! I would have spent like $100 on all that".  To which I replied, "Hey  you can pay me the difference" They both laughed.  I was serious... Of  course the hubbs was all proud and braggin' about what a good shopper I am. (well duh!) To make up for them running me ragged, the hubbs BFF did buy pizza  for dinner last night. So I didn't have to cook or do dishes. I GUESS that makes me less ranty and stabby feeling....for now
 The GOOD news is they are both gonna go to the barber shop today (awww they're so cute, haha)  and then head over to the trailer to do work. So I won't see them ALL day! Not to mention I got me some thriftin' plans! If the weather holds out I have some gardening stuff to do. And I am back on track working on some projects. hoo-ray!

I already hit the Goodwill in Lebanon this morning (50% off day-woo!) and found some cool stuff. And because I spent over $25, I got a coupon for a free Goldstar cheese coney. Cool thrifty finds AND a free lunch?! Heck yeah! I came back home to eat lunch, finish my blog post and rest up because I have more shopping, thrifting, money to spend! Da-da-duh-danta-duhda...CHARGE IT!

So I will chat at y'all tomorrow. And I totally plan on recycling all my shopping receipts since I am pretty sure I am gonna kill a tree today!
Wherever you go and whatever you do, May the luck of the Irish be there with you.  
Chubbs and Tovah wanted to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day

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