Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sown and Harvest #5

Welcome to my Sunday post dedicated to all things garden, landscape, and plant related.

Spring abounds! I cannot believe how amazingly warm the weather has been for March in the Midwest! Everything is growing like gangbusters which unfortunately includes the weeds and grass! I feel as if I no longer have a yard. It is decidedly looking like a prairie. The weedy stuff is up to my knees in a few places around the yard. The hubbs already came across a thicket of what appeared to be poison oak which he removed for me.  After the hubbs mowed grass for his mom he came and mowed for us. I should probably go offer to help rake but I won't because I am working on my blog. Ha!
To be honest while the hubbs was mowing I finally got lazy tuckus in gear and was weeding and prepping the beds around the shed (aka the future home to my potting shed). I cannot believe how quickly the rose bush leafed out. The darn thorns got me a a few times.
However  the thorns were the least of my worries. While cleaning out the straw and pulling weeds I came across this guy. And NO this is not a zoomed in picture. IT WAS FREAKING HUGE!! When the branches on my lavender plant actually moved because this spider was crawling on it...that is a big ass spider! We came to a mutual understanding--after I stopped screeching and backed away it was decided as long as it stayed where it was I wouldn't have to obliterate it.....eeewwwwww!!
I have to say I LOVE LOVE the raised garden bed we installed.  Only 2 weeks until  I will have radishes and lots of lettuce!
How is your gardening going this spring so far?

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