Thursday, March 15, 2012

So much going on

Things are about to get kicked into high gear around here. Or should I say I am about to get my rear in gear!

I have a HUGE number of garden related things to do (start all my seedlings, clean beds, make my plant markers, assemble a small green house, etc).

I have this
I bought one of these
Because I want this 
And I really, really want a potting bench (that will eventually go in my fabulous greenhouse)

Maybe something like this? 
 Hmmmm--Are you thinking what I am thinking?

I am beginning work on my stairwell (patching the plaster, painting the walls, refinishing the steps and eventually decorating)

I have this
But I want something like this
Painted and stenciled stair risers 
 or maybe this because the carpet would help the stairwell (aka mineshaft) not be so echo-y. 
And the hubb's best friend just bought a mobile home that is a complete re-do. So guess who is nominated to do all the painting and decorating? Yup that's right--this girl! The hubbs BFF  is starting over from  scratch, he works constantly and asked me to take care of stuff.  TRANSLATED-- I get to pick out everything--which means SHOPPING!! It really means THRIFTING-- which is even better. And since he is a bachelor, I get to release my inner dude and decorate a man cave. Except it is gonna be better than just hats on a nail and beer in the fridge. Although my hubbs would argue beer in the fridge is important.

I am picturing cool blue-greys, rich chocolate browns, and chrome finishes. I think I am going to go  for a mid-century modern vibe (which falls in line with all the cool stuff I have seen thrifting!)

 I have a pair of lamps I am gonna paint and an old chair that I can slip cover/ re-upholster (hello nail-head trim!). I have already started thrifting for dishes. The tricky part will  be art and accessories. Most guys would tack up a poster of a babe, a buck or a pick-up truck (maybe all 3).  I just have to remember--no frou-frou stuff , guys only need/ want 1 mirror and only 2 pillows for the couch.

You think I can do this? I think I am gonna be kind of busy for a while!

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