Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sown and Harvest #3

Welcome to my Sunday post dedicated to all things garden, landscape, and plant related.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy  oh boy!! Spring is almost here! Woo hoo! The weather is warming up. Things are greening up!  And I am gearing up for my garden! Love  it!

2 weeks ago (Street facing flower beds)


Here's ALLLLLLLL of the stuff I bought for my various  garden beds. 

Pretty flowers

Yummy herbs

Salad Stuff (my Guinea Pigs are gonna love this!)

Stuffed peppers--can't wait! Hot peppers for the hubbs and to make salsa


I love squash!

What's better than a big ole pot of beans? Nothing!

Cukes and Melons!

 More flowers!

I love you berry much, haha!

I am gonna be busy! So whatcha' got planned for your garden?


  1. I promise Bryan and I will help enjoy the contents of the garden. That being said, I will help tend the garden. Can you make sure dad doesn't use any inorganic pesticides?

    1. Manda--You know we don't use synthetic pesticides. Inorganic additives would be mineral fertilizers (phosphates and limestone) these are ok in small quantities as I prefer to amend my soil naturally organic not chemical organic. And yes if you want to eat it you need to help tend it. Love Mom

  2. Great minds think alike just getting ready to download pictures of the flower bed that needed cleaning out real bad. Went yesterday and bought vegetables, fruit, and flowers for my garden and flower beds. Still have a few more veggies to get and a few more flowers but like you it's going to be busy..............:)

    1. Hi Aunt Sandra--I have been in the garden all day. I think I may be sunburnt--not kidding! But I love it. Yup we are gonna be very busy!


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