Monday, March 26, 2012

Tried and True Casserole

The air was a bit nippy today and felt decidedly more winter-ish than Spring-ish.  Due to a lack of planning on my part (big surprise there--not!) I was woefully un-prepared for dinner. We are REALLY trying to watch our pennies, so take out was not an option. I did a quick run though of my pantry's contents and realized I had all the fixin's for Creamy Chicken Ramen Casserole. Don't shudder and flashback to your starving college days. It is surprisingly good, quick and very economical.

1 lb boneless chicken breast , diced  ($4.99/ lb)
2 pkgs of creamy chicken Ramen style noodles ($0.29 each)
1 can of cream of chicken soup ($0.69)
8 ounces of frozen mixed vegetables (green beans, corn, peas and carrots) ($0.79)
2 ounce bag of french fried onions ($0.59)
1 small bunch green onions ($0.39)
pepper and garlic powder to taste

Dice the rinsed chicken. Saute in a large skillet or medium sized sauce pan with 2 tbs of oil. Use 1/2 of 1 packet of seasoning mix from Ramen noodles to sprinkle over chicken while cooking. When chicken is no longer pink add 1 1/2 c water to pan and remainder of seasoning mix. (I only use 1 flavor packet due to the sodium content) Add to this the ramen noodles, broken into chunks, 8 ounces of mixed vegetables, cover with lid and allow to cook until vegetables are tender. Add 1 can cream of chicken soup. Stir well. Add additional water if needed. Heat thoroughly. Add garlic powder and pepper to taste. Garnish with french fried onions and minced green onions. Round out with a side salad ($1.50 for an 8 oz bag).

Comfort food that is tasty and frugal! Enjoy!

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