Monday, March 19, 2012

Funky and Frugal Finds #6

Welcome to Funky and Frugal Finds Monday #6

Wa-Hoo--I have some awesome thrift store finds!! Without further ado, let's get this party started!

An awesome wicker hamper (and it still had the tag attached) for my laundry room

Vintage Market and Thrift $6

This cute little shabby cottage ceiling tin tray. I am using this as a containment for potted plants in my window upstairs. That way when I water them if it overflows the water doesn't damage my floor.

Valley Thrift, $2

These 2 faux birdcages will be great once I paint them (probably white with some distressing). I don't know if I am going to use them as plant holders or candle holders.

Goodwill $8

A shabby cottage style lamp

New 2 You, $2.97

A quirky little mesh heart that opens. Used for potpourri?
St. Vincent De Paul, $0.80
A pair of vintage wooden shoe stretchers
Goodwill $1
A vintage 1964 McCoy pottery Cookie pot. I went online to research and depending on condition the aqua cookie pot sells for $25-$70
Goodwill, $5
 That's right--FIVE dollars! WOOOO-HOOOOO! I sometimes have mad thrifting skills! My cookie pot does have a itsy bitsy chip on the lid so it would fall on the lower scale on price. Even so, I still scored an awesome deal!

What about you? Any awesome finds you want to share?

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