Thursday, March 1, 2012

What makes a home

Let's face it-- most people have a pre-conceived notion about mobile homes or trailers as they are sometimes called. Mobile Homes are NOT tin cans on wheels. No-one thinks twice about if someone mentions they live in an apartment, a condo, or  a duplex. Not sure why there is such a hang-up over mobile homes.

I spent a fair amount of my childhood living in trailers. Some of my family still live in them. As do some of our friends. I can tell you growing up I took a lot of abuse for living in a trailer. Trailer trash was the phrase most commonly launched at me. Well that and how I was no good and never amount to anything. Good memories, yeah. NOT. 
(I have been to therapy  I swear! It helped. sorta) 

This is what many people picture when you say trailer or mobile home

"The infamous Redneck mansion"

Instead of seeing this ( I would SO live here!)
Yup it's an "upwardly mobile" home
Some people live in mobile homes because is an affordable alternative to traditional homes. Because they put their money into buying land instead of a building. Because they are starting out. Because they are starting over. Because they downsized. Because they want to. Because there are a thousand reasons.  Living in a mobile home is a lot like living on a boat. Everything is streamline and compact, (unless you have a  BIG modular home).  I prefer to think they are cute and cozy. They have an efficient flow and work space. It has all your basic necessities. And shoot there isn't anything that a little paint and TLC can't fix right up!  I came across a great blog that celebrates living in a mobile home. I am telling you some most of these mobiles homes featured in her blog are a helluva lot nicer than my farmhouse. (And they probably got a lot cheaper electric bill than I do!)

I guess  the point I am trying to make. It's a HOME regardless if it is traditional stick and mortar build or a pre-fab. A home is where your heart is. Your happiness. Your loved ones. All anyone ever wants is a safe place to call home, share a warm meal and soft pillow to lay their head upon. So the next time you hear someone say trailer or mobile home don't automatically assume they are any less of ANYTHING.  Because everybody's got a story.

I said it was bad memories associated with my trailer living but that isn't completely true. It was bad memories of the narrow minded judgmental assholes I had to contend with at the time.  I had have some really good memories from when I was living in a trailer. My daughter learned her first words in a trailer. Took her first steps in a trailer.  I took my college entrance exam when I was living in a trailer. (That was the moment I realized I was GOOD,  my life was going somewhere and I WAS somebody.) I also have memories of my step-dad grilling out at 2 am because he worked second shift. Memories of sunbathing in the side-yard with my friends listening to the radio. Memories of sitting on the deck watching the kids ride their bikes up and down the streets. Memories of me and my sisters piling up on the couch on a cold wintry night drinking hot cocoa and watching holiday cartoons. I bet some of you are thinking---"hey! that's a lot like my memories" Except maybe the grilling out at 2 am thing--don't judge!

A persons true worth has nothing to do with the type of  HOUSE  in which they reside and everything to do with the connotation of HOME. So always fill your home with laughter. Be surrounded by love. And most of all--make it cozy.

"Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam, 
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home."
John Howard Payne


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I also am charmed by environmentally friendly homes. :-)

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    1. Hi Rose! Thank you for stopping by from the Linky party, commenting and following my blog! Wow you have a lot of content on your blog. I can't wait to have time to read everything!


  2. Very interesting post, and it reminded me of a story. I was working for a very successful engineer a few years back, him and his wife owned a beautiful 5 bedroom CBS home. But with only the 2 of them and a college/marring age son, it was to big so they decided to build a mobile home type house.

    When I heard him talking about it, I almost flipped thinking to myself "is he really serious?" I mean they have a beautiful "real home" (yes that the same talk you speak of in your post) Long story short, I saw the plans and watched as each stage went up. When they were finished building I would have never guessed it was a "mobile home"

    Society has given us a preconceived idea of a mobile home so when we hear that work we think like you've mentioned.

    Regardless of the type of home you live in... home is where the heart is.

    Loved your post!! I am visiting via the Linky Follower hop. Hope you'll stop by my blog and follow along if you like.

    1. Hi Debbie

      Thank you for taking the time to visit, comment and follow my blog! Unfortunately society as whole gives us a whole lot of pre-conceived notions and rigid views on a lot of of things. Once we begin to think for ourselves it amazing what you learn and experience with an open mind! I am now following your blog!

  3. Lovely and interesting post.. Home truly is simply where your heart is best at ease, even if it's on the front lawn, it's yours to claim as your humble happy abode.. Great post.. Lovely blog you have here.. ;))
    PS:I am also your newest follower via linky tools.. Would love if you could follow me back pweeease.. TY.. Wishing you a lovely day..~Marilyn via ..

    1. Hi Marilyn!

      Thanks for for visiting, commenting and following! I kinda had my feathers ruffled yesterday when i was standing in the check out lane at the grocery store. I overheard some snide remarks about the mobile home park in my town and hence the post was born. All I can say it is awfully easy for some people to make snap judgments about things they have never experienced. I am your newest follower!

  4. I love this post. I grew up in a trailer and that was the norm where I was from. I am your newest Linky Follower via the blog hop and I hope you will follow me back :)

    1. Hi Debbie! Thank you for stopping by, commenting and following via the blog hop! The funniest story I have from living in my trailer is when my AC went out in August. I had come home from work (I was slinging hash waitressing while going to school back in the day)and I open the door and whooo boy the heat and humidity hit my like a ton of bricks! It had gotten so hot the candlesticks on walls had softened and slumped over. (And they looked like limp..well you know! haha) Even though I was upset about not having AC the image was hysterically funny!! hmmmm I winder if I have a picture of that...HAHA. I am your newest follower via Linky!

  5. Home is where your heart is!!! There are people who live in the grandest mansions that are not happy!!

    1. Hi Noelle! You are so right. Grand things do not always equate to grand happiness!


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