Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Well shut my mouth!  Imagine my surprise when Allison from Cozy Home Interiors nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award!  I am humbled and thankful to be acknowledged!

Please make sure you stop by Allison's cozy little blog and share some love!

Cozy Home Interiors

What exactly is a Liebster Blog Award? 
It's an award in the blogging community given to an up and coming blog, having less than 200 followers. 

 The literal translation of Liebster from German is my beloved friend.

And it is true. Each and every one  of the bloggers I have encountered  have been gracious and supportive. We have begun to establish  a rapport even though we are separated by distant geographies. We tell jokes, share stories, voice concern for the other's well being and learn what's going on in their lives via their blogs. Sometimes if we are really fortunate, the stars align and we connect with a few on a more personal level, to exchange emails, phone calls and meet in real life. That sounds an awful lot like a real friendship to me. 

So the rules are:
1. nominate 5 up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers. 
2.Show you gratitude to the person who nominated you by linking back to their blog
3. Post the award on your blog and include links to the blog you listed in #1

Sonya from So Simple Rooms
Sonya's tag line is "Imagination is where design begins" She is a brand new blogger with some great ideals. She began her blog in January to brave in all that she does. She deserves some bloggy love for that! So everyone go give her a nice bloggy welcome!

Kathy from A Return to Loveliness
Kathy is a seasoned blogger. This is her 3rd blog and it is lovely! No pun intended.  You feel like you are time travelling to the Victorian era. When everything seemed so simple and so elegant. I hope you have a fainting couch on hand because you will swoon when get to her page.

Nancy from Linens and Laurel
Nancy's tagline is a little sanctuary for handcrafted projects with a vintage flair.  She shares some lovely crafts and recipes. She also has a Etsy shop. Please visit her blog and her shop. Have a napkin ready because you may drool a bit!

Lisa from Magnolia Cottage
She's adorable. Her cottage is adorable. Her dog is adorable (she has pearls!!). Her blog is adorable. I should hate because she is so darn adorable. But I don't. You can't help but be happy when you visit her blog! Please stop by for a visit. Prepare to be charmed!

Jessica from Back to Basics
She and her fiancee Tad bought a farm. They have chickens  They're planning on adding goats. They're cute and did I mention they're 20 something?  Check out their crazy, wonderful adventure as they strive to be self sufficient.

I hope you enjoy these blog as as much as I do!

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