Saturday, March 24, 2012

An Unexpected Bonus

My goodness--what a storm rolled through last. You would never know it this morning. Beautiful blue skies, sunshine, singing birds, bleating goats (the neighbors), barking dogs (mine and another neighbors) and kitty cats basking in the warmth on the porch.
The view from my south facing living room window
Opened my mail to find a nice surprise. I received my final bonus payout from my former employer! Waahoo! Money I wasn't expecting. Do I do the responsible thing and put in the bank for savings? Do I spend it? (I do need a new cushion and canopy for my swing...or maybe just a new one. And some new solar lights...hmmmm)

Ummmmm...I wonder if the hubbs would let me buy this? siiiggghhhh 
Ok back to reality...this is more in the realm of possible. Cottage cute!
Great American Woodies 4-ft. Cottage Classic Savannah Swing & Wood Arbor Frame 
Crackle glass solar lights? I'm in lurrrvveee! 
It was already a good day. Now it is even better! Have a happy Saturday!

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