Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sown and Harvest #4

Welcome to my Sunday post dedicated to all things garden, landscape, and plant related.
Whose been busy? This girl that's who!

I removed all the straw from the bed. I actually had to pull weeds! gggrrr.  I trimmed my Butterfly bush, the sedum, the variegated fountain grass and pulled down all the dead cardinal climber vine.
Finger's crossed my clematis survives. I think I have picked the optimum spot. This bed gets sun all day!. The clematis will be slightly shaded as the variegated fountain grass fills in.
I planted the Siberian Irises which are near a clump of orange lilies.
In front of this I planted a swathe of African Corn Lilies (Ixia mix). The nice thing is they are good cut flowers. What's the point of having all these flowers if I can't  enjoy them in my  house?
Anybody want some sedum? I one huge clump that will be dived into 3 or 4 clumps. Then there are  2 smaller clumps that will be divided in half and there is 1 teeny baby plant.  So 9 clumps of Autum Joy sedum sure will go a long way!
I worked on my flower boxes for my kitchen and living room windows. I have pansies, violas, tulips, daffodils and hyacinths coming in.

The urns by my porch steps look cheerful!
And just so you don't think it is all about the flowers, I put together a raised bed system to see if I like this configuration. This has lettuce, spinach, radishes, carrots and chives  (green onions)

Well that is all I can share with y'all for today.

Any garden stories you want to share?


  1. My gardening story is that I NEED TO MOW. It's getting out of control! Ugh. Next weekend, hopefully. You did a lot of work you should be proud! Hopefully hubbs took you out for a nice dinner. Or at least gave you a neck/back rub. You deserve it!

    1. Hi FM--Yeah we need to mow also. But that is the hubbs domain. Good lord he damn near has a coronary if I mow. He says I get the lines wrong. HAHAHA And for the record I do mow the opposite direction he does because it makes him crazy. I figure it makes us even for him putting his dirty clothes in a pile IN FRONT of the hamper instead of in it. A little passive aggressive torment...

      We dinner have dinner out...on the grill! haha that's ok. Not pots for me to wash! No go on the neck/back rub...but I did get to use my microwavable heat pack---which is awesome!

      The sad part is I have a ton of weeds already. I hope it is not a sign of the summer to be...

  2. HI there stopping over from magnolia cottage...sure do love those flower boxes of yours...have a great day as i will be off to the land of WORK! I use the allergy excuse on my grass which i am totally accounted for ...ha!...~sabri~

    1. Hi Sabri! Thank you for visiting and commenting! Thank you I love gardening. Especially container gardening. I think my poor old flower boxes are gonna make it another season. They're kind warped and faded. SO I will just recycle them for seedling use in the cold frame next year. I would LOVE to have some really nice cedar flower boxes (A gal can dream) LOL I use the I'm allergic to any of the icky jobs (cleaning gutters, picking up dog doo, washing out the garbage cans) haha. Have a great day!


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