Monday, March 5, 2012

Quick Update

Just a quick note to let y'all know my blog is slightly off schedule this week. Due to the recent tornado (March 2nd) I have been working with friends and family to gather donations for the affected areas. (All I can say is I know some pretty wonderful and generous people!) Today I am on the road to deliver the donations.

 No Sown and Harvest Sunday  (yesterday) and No Funky Frugal Finds Monday  (today).  Please be patient and hopefully my blog will return to it's normal content tomorrow . Whatever normal is...

So everyone be safe and have a Happy Monday!


  1. How close were the tornadoes to you? Did you have to take shelter? My thoughts with everyone affected.

    1. Hi 1st man--The towns of Felicity, Moscow, Mt. Orab, Laurel and Neville are within 50 miles. We only experienced thunder, lightening , rain and high winds where I live.


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