Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pay no attention to that mess behind the curtain

Well to hijack a quote from the Wizard of Oz...I guess that was the philosophy I had a adopted for a while. When you walk into my dining room this is what you would see...

However, lurking just a few mere inches away was a horrible mess, that I ignored. Until I couldn't anymore  (because things began falling out of the closet onto the floor!) Yikes--right?

It wasn't always like this. I don't know when it became a jumbled messy dumping ground. I am surprised our local waste management company didn't charge me annex fees. I mean seriously--who lives  like this? I guess for a while--I did. Boooo.

So with some determination, caffeine and lots of trips to the recycle bin I began to make to progress on my dumping ground. 

Finally after a few hours of purging documents, filing, sorting and organizing I ended with a nice little office nook. Not comfortable enough for me to work on my laptop, but organized and inspirational.

The tie back for the curtain is simply and elastic headband!

And when I want to have a "desk type" surface to work at I can remove my laptop from the closet and sit at my dining room table (instead of leaving it there ALL the time!)

It's not perfect but it is a beginning until I decide where exactly I can carve  out some office space in in my house. Now I don't have to worry about anyone peeking behind the curtain and seeing a junk closet! (The garage is another story/ post all together!)

I will be organized. This is my year--I just know it! How about you--do you have messy closets? And where is your office.


  1. That looks great!! I always wanted a little nook like that. And we have a couple of those "pay no attention to...." areas. Might just need to do something about that.

    1. Thanks 1st Man--I was shocked at how bad it had gotten! Now it looks nice, I know where everything is and I feel less stressed. Well until I walk into the garage....


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